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Frequently Asked Questions
for Motor Vehicles

What is the license period for Motor Vehicle licenses?

October 1st through September 30th each year.

What is the Consumer Credit Code?
The Consumer Credit Code, formerly the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act, 12 Pa. C.S. 6101 et. Seq, outlines all motor vehicle regulatory requirements for licensing and other activities involving motor vehicle financing and repossessing.

What is a Vehicle Dealer (VD) number?
 A prospective dealer must follow the instructions contained in Pub 459 (PDF), "Requirements on Becoming a Dealer" in order to receive their Dealer Identification Number and dealer plates.

What is a Dealer Identification Number (DIN)?
The Dealer Identification Number (DIN) is issued by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) after they have completed an inspection of the dealership and you have received the Vehicle Dealer number (VD number) from the Department of State. 

Where do I get my FIN number?
PennDOT issues your Financial Institution Number.  The Financial Institution Number (FIN) is a unique ID assigned by PennDOT and used on the MV-38L (PDF).  This is not the same as an FEIN number assigned by the IRS.   More information can be found on PennDOT’s website

What is ELT and how do I get set up for this?
Auto dealers can enroll in PennDOT's Electronic Lien and Title (PDF) program, you can find more information on their website.

If I already performed Pennsylvania or FBI background check requests, do I need to do them again when applying for my new license?
Yes, background check requests must be done using the instructions provided in the application.  All criminal history requests must be dated within 30 days of submission of the application to the Department Banking and Securities.

How do I renew my license?

A new task, Renewal Application, will be created in The Portal no later than July 15th of each year and the renewal application must be submitted through The Portal prior to September 30th.

An automated email notice referring to the new task will go to your licensing contact.  Please ensure that all of your contacts are always updated and add to your email's safe sender list

The Portal's User Guide can be found here.  Please email any questions to Licensing.

Will my approved license be mailed to me? 
No.  Approved licenses are available for download and printing in The Portal.

What if I change my business structure from a Sole Proprietor to another business structure such as an LLC or Corporation?

  • If your EIN number changes, you must re-apply for a new license in The Portal
  • If your EIN number remains the same, you must edit the entity name in The Portal which includes attaching proof in the form of a letter you obtained from the Internal Revenue Service showing the name of the new company and the EIN number as well as Department of State registration.