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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does it cost?
    Free. Students selected for the program will need to provide their own transportation.

  2. Where will the program be held? Will I need to pay for parking?
    The program will be held at a few locations in the Lancaster region including at multiple banks. Students that are selected will receive detailed instructions concerning daily locations and information about parking.

  3. Are there course prerequisites?
    No. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of banking and regulating. An understanding of economics, accounting, business, technology and/or marketing may help students understand the subject matter but is not required.

  4. How many students will be selected and using what criteria?
    Due to space issues, the program will be limited to approximately 30 students. If the number of registrations received exceeds available seats, students will be selected competitively based on academic information provided through the registration link.

  5. What is the deadline to apply and how will I be notified if I am selected?
    Information about the program including registration will be available April 2019.

  6. Do I need to bring anything?
    Most of the modules will be hands on learning but portions of the program will include presentations and remarks. Program participants may wish to bring a notebook and writing instrument to take notes, or use a phone or tablet.

  7. I can attend part of the week but not all. Can I still apply?
    Attendance and participation in all facets of the program are encouraged as each day is unique and provides valuable instruction. Interested students that cannot attend all segments may still apply but should indicate on the registration form any limitations.

  8. I have completed my undergraduate work, but am currently undertaking graduate coursework. Am I eligible to apply?
    The program is geared toward rising sophomores, juniors and seniors pursuing an undergraduate degree. Preference will be given to these students based on availability.

  9. Do I have to be pursuing a business or related major to be considered?

  10. Will this guarantee me a future internship or career with a bank?
    The program is intended to provide a jump start for a future career in financial services but does not guarantee that program participants will be extended an offer of an internship or other position.

  11. What happens after I complete the program?
    Students that complete the program will be presented with a certificate of completion endorsed by the Pennsylvania Bankers Association and Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers. These organizations are comprised of member banks. The certificate may assist students seeking an internship or other position with a bank that is a member of one or both organizations. Please note the certificate does not guarantee an internship or paid position.

  12. Will I be required to open an account or establish a banking relationship with any of the program participants/presenters?
    No. The presenters will not be soliciting your business or recommending any financial products or services.

  13. I have a dietary issue/food allergy. Will I need to provide my own breakfast and lunch? Does the program include dinner?
    Reasonable dietary options will be made available for any selected participant that has a dietary issue or food allergy. There is no dinner component to the program.

  14. Will I need to make my own stay/travel accommodations if I live outside of Harrisburg?
    Lodging is not included in the program for any students. If a student is planning to stay overnight, he/she is responsible for any arrangements and for transportation to and from the program.

  15. Can international students who attend PA universities apply?
    You must either attend a Pennsylvania four-year college/university or be a resident of Pennsylvania.

  16. If I don’t get accepted this year, may I apply again?
    The only scheduled program is the week of August 19-23rd but consideration will be given to future programs.

  17. Who can I contact with questions?
    Students with additional questions may e-mail Tim Arthun at the Department of Banking and Securities at