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​Statutes, ​Regulations and ​Statements of Policy

The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities is endowed with administrative powers through laws that have evolved over more than a century.  This website does not provide official copies of documents. You can contact the Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau for official documents. Please consult an attorney should you require advice or interpretation.
Regulations and Statements of Policy
A complete and up-to-date index of regulations and statements of policy for institutions and licensees of the Department of Banking and Securities can be found under Title 10 of the Pennsylvania Code.
The statutes administered by the Department of Banking and Securities may be accessed through the following links to the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s website.  Some of these statutes contain information entitled “Compiler’s Notes.”  Please be aware that “Compiler’s Notes” are not part of the law, but rather, they provide additional information to the reader (for example, information concerning when certain provisions of the laws were most recently amended).

Department of Banking and Securities Code
Relating to and regulating the business of banking and securities.
Banking Code of 1965
Relating to and regulating the business of banking.
Check Casher Licensing Act 
Regulating the check-cashing industry; providing for the licensing of check cashers.
Consumer Credit Code
(Motor Vehicle Sales Finance) 
Chapters relating to motor vehicle sales finance, effective December 1, 2014.
Consumer Discount Company Act
Relating to consumer credit; requiring licenses from the Secretary of Banking. (Tit. amended June 20, 1947, P.L. 665, No. 288)
Credit Services Act
Regulating credit services; prohibiting certain activities; providing for certain information to be given to buyers; etc.
Credit Union Code
Relating to the chartering and regulation of state-chartered credit unions. The Code was amended by Act 62 of 2014 (here).
Debt Management Services Act
Licensing and regulating debt management services.
Debt Settlement Services Act
Licensing and regulating debt settlement services.

Money Transmitter Act
Providing for the licensing and regulation of the business of transmitting money or credit for a fee or other consideration by the issuance of money orders, by the sale of checks or by other methods; conferring powers and duties upon the Department of Banking and Securities, and imposing penalties.
Loan Interest & Protection Law
Regulating agreements for the loan or use of money.  Get Act 6 Notice here [PDF].
Mortgage Bankers & Brokers & Consumer Equity Protection Act  (Chapter 3 Repealed)
Providing for the regulation and licensing of mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers; imposing additional powers and duties on the Department of Banking and the State Real Estate Commission; and providing penalties.
Mortgage Licensing Act
Relating to mortgage loan industry licensing and consumer protection.
Pawnbrokers License Act
Licensing and regulating the business of pawnbrokers.
Pennsylvania Securities Act of 1972
Relating to the oversight of securities transactions in Pennsylvania.
Takeover Disclosure Law of 1976
Relating to the protection of Pennsylvania corporation, shareholders, employees and the public.