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Ask a question or file a complaint

1.800.PA.BANKS or (1.800.600.0007).  
Phones are staffed from                                                            8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Mon- Fri.  


Fax to 717.724.6869

17 N. 2nd Street, Suite 1300, Harrisburg, PA 17101



How can you help me?
We can provide basic information on most financial institutions, even those we don’t regulate.  We’ll guide you through the complaint process for those we regulate, and help you find the correct regulator for those we don’t. 

What Happens Next? 
We’ll guide you through gathering all the relevant information; in some cases, you may be asked to complete a Third-Party Authorization form.  We will forward your complaint and any documents you provide to the company with a cover letter, who is provided 30 days to respond.  You will receive a copy of the letter sent to the company.  A response is usually received within 30 days; however, it may be necessary to perform an in-depth review to adequately respond, which requires more time.  Anonymous complaints will not receive a response; instead, the complaint will be filed for review by the appropriate area of the department.

What if there’s a dispute?

The Consumer Services Office does not have the authority to act as a judge when a dispute arises – not all problems can be resolved through regulatory assistance.  In these instances, we may suggest the resolution of a complaint be pursued through private legal counsel, Legal Aid, mediation, or arbitration. 

You should only give personal and financial information to people who you know and trust – guard your information as if it were cash.