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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DoBS Portal?

The DoBS Portal is a secure, digital self-service web portal for use by professionals, institutions, and businesses regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities that replaces many processes that previously required paper forms and documentation.

What can I do in the DoBS Portal?

The DoBS Portal will allow you to access the dashboard that is appropriate for your specific industry. The services and benefits of the DoBS Portal will differ based on industry, license, or registration type.

Non-Depository Institutions: Apply for a license online; retrieve a copy of a license certificate; edit or remove an officer; access books/records; update information; track pending tasks; and submit documents and information for examinations.

Depository Institutions: Apply for a new bank charter; track pending tasks; and submit, review and withdraw filings.

Securities: Track pending tasks; join an organization; receive notices of examination; and receive decision notifications.

Corporation Finance: Track pending tasks and submit a generic filing.

Can I withdraw my license application using the Portal?

Yes. You can withdraw an application by navigating to the Active Applications page and clicking the "Withdraw" button. You will need to give a reason for the withdrawal.

Are there step-by-step instructions available to walk me through how to use the DoBS Portal?

User manuals that provide detailed instructions are available:

Can I make an electronic payment to the department using the Portal?

You will be able to make online payments for certain transactions. The Portal will direct you to a third-party vendor to process the online payment.

What is Keystone Login?

The DoBS Portal requires use of the Keystone Login, a single, secure user credential used to log in to multiple online services provided by the commonwealth. Keystone Login uses advanced authentication tools to prevent unauthorized access and protect personal data.

My Keystone Login is not working. Who should I contact?

If you need assistance with your Keystone Login, contact the Keystone Login Help Desk. The help desk can be reached at 877-328-0995 or

I have a question about the Portal that does not involve the Keystone Login. Who should I contact?


Licensing: 717-787-3717 or

Compliance: 717-772-3889 or

Examinations: 717-425-5460 or



For Broker-Dealer Firms:  717.783.4211

For Broker-Dealer Agents:  717.783.4212

For Investment Adviser Firms and Representatives:  717.783.4211

For Investment Adviser Notice Filers:  717.783.4221

For issues regarding securities offerings, call 717.787.8059