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Investing in Women Initiative
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Investing in Women

Investing in Women is an initiative launched in January 2020 by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, designed to provide essential education and research on components of banking, credit, saving and investing, while offering practical resources to women to navigate their finances and future. Through strategic partnerships, the aim is to evaluate investment habits, stereotypes and obstacles for women in Pennsylvania and reduce the gender gap through education and awareness.


Investing in Women is Comprised
of Three Components

Financial Education Presentations
The department has developed new educational presentation of banking basics, credit reports, and saving for retirement that is geared towards women with customized content. These presentations will be given in the community at various venues.

Scheduled presentations:
None scheduled at this time

Interested in Hosting a Presentation? Contact us at

A Study of the Financial Capability of Women
The department is engaging a third-party vendor to help conduct focus groups and conduct qualitative and quantitative research to measure attitudes and understanding about personal financial capability and inform content for public facing presentation. This work will begin in January 2020.

We want to hear directly from those affected about what tools, resources, and skills are needed, as we strive to better understand ways Pennsylvania can improve confidence and participation for women in any financial situation.

Following the series of focus groups, we will have a statewide survey to provide data and measure trends, habits, and attitudes throughout the state.

Financial Capability Forum
Due to COVID-19, DoBS has postponed the May 7, 2020 Investing in Women Conference.

'Investing in Women,' an initiative aimed at providing women with important information about banking, credit, saving and investing, while offering practical resources to navigate their finances. This free forum, designed to educate women of Pennsylvania on investments and empower you to be more financially confident, brings together women of diverse backgrounds and thoughtful presentations and keynotes, including findings from the department's research.

We encourage those interested to contact us at 1.800.PA.BANKS for questions about the event, or for general questions about any financial complaint or inquiry.