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resources for Working Adults

Regardless of whether you are just beginning to explore the “world of investing,” just fine-tuning your asset allocation or interested in how to help secure the financial future for your children or your parents, the PA Department of Banking and Securities can help you as you pursue your financial goals. 

consumerprotection.jpgConsumer Protection Presentations (Working Adults, Seniors, Military)
A series of presentations delivered in your community, customized to the audience. 
Topics covered include: 

  • Investing 101 for Working Adults
  • Avoiding Scams and Identity Theft
  • Banking Basics
  • Preparing for Big Purchases 
  • Responsible Homeownership
  • Spending Plans
  • Understanding Reverse Mortgages 
  • Fraud Bingo
scamjam!.jpgScam Jam! (Working Adults and Seniors)
Financial fraud prevention programming geared for retirees and seniors. Includes multiple guest speakers through contact and coordination with local, county, and state government agencies. Fraud bingo is also included, and is conducted by the Pennsylvania AARP Consumer Issues Task Force. This fast-paced event runs 2 1/2 to 3 hours and requires a minimum of 50 attendees. 

communityexpos.jpgCommunity/Legislative Expos (Working Adults and Seniors)
Staff members participate in community and legislative expos and informational fairs throughout the year. We offer resources to consumers and investors in their communities across Pennsylvania. 

contacthelp.jpgContact us at to schedule a free education program for your group.