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Who we are: 
The Department of Banking and Securities regulates banks and credit unions. We license investment professionals and other consumer lenders. Our Investor Education and Consumer Outreach Office​ helps consumers and investors protect and grow their money through the various programs offered by our Investor Education and Consumer Outreach Office. 

What we do: 
Our staff members work with state and local government agencies, service providers, community and trade organizations, the General Assembly, the military community, schools, and other partners to help Pennsylvanians across the commonwealth become well-informed about the financial marketplace.

What you should know: 
Our programs and presentations are FREE and non-commercial. Our Consumer Services Office helpline provides free help to anyone with a question, concern, or complaint about financial services, transactions, or products. 


Our Programs

wisesafeinvesting.jpgCampaign for Wise & Safe Investing (Seniors and Caregivers
A statewide outreach program in partnership with the Pennsylvania AARP Consumer Issues Task Force that provides retirees and senior citizens information on how to recognize, avoid, and report financial fraud and abuse. Community presentations are offered through a grant from the Investor Protection Trust.

consumerprotection.jpgConsumer Protection Presentations (Working Adults, Seniors, Military)
A series of presentations delivered in your community, customized to the audience. 
Topics covered include: 

  • Avoiding Scams and Identity Theft
  • Banking Basics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Preparing for Big Purchases 
  • Responsible Homeownership
  • Spending Plans
  • Understanding Reverse Mortgages 

fraudbingoicon.jpgFraud Bingo(Working Adults, Seniors, Military) 
A fun and interactive presentation that teaches consumers how to protect themselves from investment and fraud by playing a familiar game: Bingo! Players learn how to detect financial fraud by identifying scams affecting their own city or town, and learning techniques to protect themselves from this financial abuse. Fraud Bingo program is free of charge. Email us at or call 1.800.PA.BANKS​. Groups of 25 or more can be accommodated. Want to organize your own game?
Learn more and download the game here.

eifeefraud.jpgElder Financial Abuse Prevention (Senior Service Providers)
Innovative, research-based programs that train medical doctors, lawyers, social workers, senior service providers, and other partners to recognize and report financial abuse targeting their clients, especially those suffering from mild cognitive impairment.

saveinvestpa.jpgSave and Invest PA! (Students and Educators)
We partner with schools and colleges to teach students to pursue financial goals and financial independence through this introduction to the basics of investing and avoiding investment fraud. 

scamjam!  .jpgScam Jam! (Working Adults and Seniors)
Financial fraud prevention programming geared for retirees and seniors. Includes multiple guest speakers through contact and coordination with local, county, and state government agencies. Fraud bingo is also included, and is conducted by the Pennsylvania AARP Consumer Issues Task Force. This fast-paced event runs 2 1/2 to 3 hours and requires a minimum of 50 attendees. 

starticon.jpgSTaRT (Start Today and Retire Tomorrow) (Working Adults, Students, Military and Families) 
MOST Americans are NOT saving enough for retirement! MANY are NOT saving anything at all! STaRT is a "non-commercial" program, offered by the PA Department of Banking and Securities, which discusses retirement planning. The goal is to help you determine what your retirement goals are and how to help you get there. No matter where you are in the timeline for retirement, know that it’s never too late to start. That’s why we call this “Start Today and Retire Tomorrow.” While national statistics are not always positive – they indicate most of us are not saving enough for the futures we want tomorrow. The good news is that if we make changes today, we can create a better tomorrow.

communityexpos.jpgCommunity/Legislative Expos (Working Adults and Seniors)
Staff members participate in community and legislative expos and informational fairs throughout the year. We offer resources to consumers and investors in their communities across Pennsylvania. 

PMFAIcon.jpgMaking $ense of Finance (Military and Families)
This conference program is designed to address financial and investing challenges faced by members of the military, veterans and their families. This is made possible through the PA Military Finance Alliance, a multi-agency collaborative effort. 

investing101.jpgInvesting 101 (Working Adults, Students, Military and Families) 
Investing 101 is an introduction to saving and investing for our future goals with an emphasis on retirement. Most of us are not saving enough for our retirement. Many of us are not saving anything at all. Investing is a way to build wealth without having to be wealthy to do it. No matter how small the amount, or your background/previous knowledge, anyone can get started. Topics to be covered include: Why we need to save and invest, the difference between saving and investing, types of investments, the “power” of compound interest, investigating before you invest, technology and investing and diversification.

wi65icon.jpg"When I'm 65" (Working Adults, Seniors, Students, Military and Families) 
"When I’m 65" is a national public television documentary and engagement program exploring how our financial and lifestyle choices today will affect our quality of life in retirement.