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Mary Beth Stringent

Deputy Secretary of Administration

Deputy Secretary 
of Administration 

Mary Beth Stringent is responsible for the oversight of the department’s Administrative Services Office, Fiscal and Support Services Office, Information Systems Office and human resource functions. 
She has the role of organizing, directing, planning and controlling all administrative support functions for the department, including budget, procurement, accounts receivables/payables, facilities, automotive, telecommunications, safety, Continuity  of Operations, Right to Know Law, records management, and performance  reporting.
She has worked in local and state government for 25 years. Early in her government career, she served as Budget Manager and then Deputy City  Treasurer for the City of Harrisburg.  In state government, she served as the  Bureau Director for the Pennsylvania Treasury Unclaimed Property Program and  as the Bureau Director for Department of General Services -Supplies and Surplus  Operations.  
Stringent is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.