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Check Cashers

A check casher is a business entity that engages in the cashing of checks for a fee.  The Department requires all chech casher business applicants and licensees to use NMLS to apply for and manage their Check Casher licenses



Guidance on Cashing CARES Act Stimulus Checks

The stimulus checks/economic impact payments which are a part of the CARES Act are, by definition, a "Government check" as found in Section 503(e) of the Check Casher Licensing Act which provides for a maximum allowable fee of 1.5% of the face value as found in Section 503(a)(1). 


Secretary's Letter on Cybersecurity (PDF)
The Department continues to work collaboratively with federal regulators, other states financial regulators, and other Commonwealth agencies to address cybersecurity challenges.


Governor Wolf Signs Amendments to Check Casher Licensing Act
On June 17, 2016, Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 489 as Act 45 of 2016, amending the Check Casher Licensing Act. On July 8, 2016, the department issued a letter to all licensed check cashers regarding the amendments. Read the letter here (PDF).


Federal Government Principles on Responding to Cyber Incidents
A Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-41) released on July 26, 2016, sets forth principles governing the federal government’s response to any cyber incident, whether involving government or private sector entities. For significant cyber incidents, PPD-41 also establishes lead federal agencies and an architecture for coordinating the broader federal government response. Learn more:


Cybersecurity Update
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) members have issued a revised Management booklet, which is part of the FFIEC Information Technology Examination Handbook (IT Handbook). The IT Handbook is available here.

 Licensees should direct those who inquire about its license status to the NMLS Consumer Access website at


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