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Credit Services Loan Brokers

A loan broker is a person who arranges or assists in arranging a loan, credit card or line of credit for personal, family or household purposes. 

ALL documents that will be mailed to the Non-Depository Deputate or placed in the drop-box MUST be sent electronically to the appropriate email address below.  If there is a paper check included in the mail for an application fee or otherwise, a copy of the check must be included in the email.






Secretary's Letter on Cybersecurity (PDF)
The Department continues to work collaboratively with federal regulators, other states financial regulators, and other Commonwealth agencies to address cybersecurity challenges.

Federal Government Principles on Responding to Cyber Incidents
A Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-41) released on July 26, 2016, sets forth principles governing the federal government’s response to any cyber incident, whether involving government or private sector entities. For significant cyber incidents, PPD-41 also establishes lead federal agencies and an architecture for coordinating the broader federal government response. Learn more:
Cybersecurity Update
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) members have issued a revised Management booklet, which is part of the FFIEC Information Technology Examination Handbook (IT Handbook). The IT Handbook is available here


Contact Us:

For issues or questions regarding an application, contact the Licensing Office or call 717.787.3717.
For examinations issues, contact the Examinations Office or call 717.425.5460

For compliance issues, contact the Compliance Office or call 717.772.3889.

To file a complaint or ask a question, use our online complaint forms or contact our Consumer Services office at 1.800.PA.BANKS (800.722.2657).