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​​​​Debt Services

Debt management service is defined as the service of receiving funds periodically from a consumer and then distributing those funds to creditors of the consumer in partial or full payment of the consumer’s personal debts.
Debt settlement service is defined as an intermediary between an individual and one or more unsecured creditors of the individual for the purpose of obtaining concessions where the contemplated concessions involve a reduction in principal of the individual's unsecured debt owed for personal, family or household expenses to at least one creditor.


Secretary's Letter on Cybersecurity (PDF)
The Department continues to work collaboratively with federal regulators, other states financial regulators, and other Commonwealth agencies to address cybersecurity challenges.

Federal Government Principles on Responding to Cyber Incidents
A Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-41) released on July 26, 2016, sets forth principles governing the federal government’s response to any cyber incident, whether involving government or private sector entities. For significant cyber incidents, PPD-41 also establishes lead federal agencies and an architecture for coordinating the broader federal government response. Learn more:

Cybersecurity Update
The Department has formed a Cybersecurity Task Force designed to provide resources to the financial services companies under its supervision to address cybersecurity issues in order to help ensure the integrity of Pennsylvania’s financial marketplace. The task force is an extension of our government’s approach to protecting the security of its digital resources by reducing vulnerability to cyberattacks, minimizing damage and recovery if a cyberattack occurs, and promoting awareness and education to businesses and consumers of the threats of cyberattacks. Learn more.

The Department uses NMLS to manage Debt Management and Debt Settlement licenses.  Through NMLS, your company will be able to apply for, amend and renew your license/registration authority conveniently and safely online. In order to use NMLS, current licensees must enter their company information onto NMLS by creating a base record and obtaining a unique company identifier.

Licensees should direct those who inquire about its license status to the NMLS Consumer Access.

Information about continuing education requirements for licensees under the Debt Management Servcies Act has been published in a Secretary's Letter here [PDF].


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