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Profile in Service: George Dillman, Consumer Outreach Specialist

September 10, 2021 12:00 AM

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As a Consumer Outreach Specialist with the department, George Dillman is used to pounding the pavement. Prior to the pandemic, his role was centered on being out in front of Pennsylvania consumers and investors, live and in person.

From how to avoid scams and identity theft to engaging senior citizens on how to spot fraud to offering tips on developing a spending plan as a roadmap to financial success, George offered presentations to thousands of Pennsylvanians prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. His audiences have included members of the military, community groups, service providers, and many others.

"A big part of our job is reaching out to investors and consumers statewide, conducting presentations…Prior to COVID, we were conducting these presentations live and in person."

– George Dillman, Consumer Outreach Specialist

While the pandemic may have temporarily halted physical travel, George and the department's education and outreach team searched for alternatives that would allow them to continue to get the message out. They leveraged available technology and online platforms to reach audiences throughout the commonwealth, discussing important consumer and investment issues.

The need for programs and presentations helping everyday Pennsylvanians protect and grow their money has been greater than ever. One silver lining to the pandemic, as George points out, is that the use of technology has allowed him to reach so many more people in a day, allowing his work to have an even greater impact.

DoBS is grateful for all that George has been able to accomplish and his willingness to remain flexible during a time of uncertainty!

Details about current presentations are available on the department's events calendar. You can also request a program tailored specifically for your group by emailing

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