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Celebrating Women All Month Long

March 20, 2023 12:00 AM

This Women's History Month, I am grateful for the women who led, are leading, and will lead the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are in an exciting time with women in significant leadership roles throughout our government, businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations.  Their work must not go unnoticed, and March gives us the opportunity to show our support for the contributions of women in all industries. 

Here at the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, I am especially proud of the women who are undertaking the important work that we do, and equally proud of those who support and partner with them to supervise the more than 300,000 entities and $3.5 trillion+ in assets under the jurisdiction of the Department.  This excellent team fulfills our essential functions in regulating financial services and ensuring that both consumers and businesses are well informed about the marketplace.  

This month, and every month, we will continue elevating our programs that provide important education to women to support them in navigating their finances and their future.  This includes our Investing in Women and Moms on the Money Trail initiatives. Our programs help women achieve their financial goals.  

Together, we continue to make history, and that is something to celebrate. 

Happy Women's History Month!

Department Of Banking And Securities Emphasizes The Importance Of Financial Wellness For Women During Women's History Month

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